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Freelance video editing and videography for ambitious clients

My passion towards video editing grew inside me when I was a teenager and played a lot of CS:S. That was the time when I instantly fell in love with the phenomenom that is Editing, where behind every second you see artistical decisions made. Almost 10 years later, I gathered my courage and knowledge to start my video editor career, as a freelancer to pursue my goals. My work ethic is pretty straight. I understand time is money in business. This, flexibility and communication between us are my main narratives when it comes to work, which means that my arms are wide open 24/7 for you to pinpoint the things you want in your video. Sounds good, right?

Behind the scenes

What I do is transparent. I love videography and post production since highschool. One day I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job, creating benvideoediting and give it all to my passion. Editing videos, creating a beautiful harmony between music and visual footage. Paying my respects to videography. Down below you can see what I do and how I do it. If you like my vision, have a product to shoot or a travel video to edit or a gaming streamer friend of yours wants a montage of his plays, write me a message to start things roll. Pun intended.

Editing & Post Production





Seeing how artistically can Ben display my workout and how He pours His heart in every second of His videos made a deep impression. Thats what I call dedication.

Dániel Kovács