Freelance video editing and videography for ambitious clients

My passion towards video editing grew inside me when I was a teenager and played a lot of CS:S. That was the time when I instantly fell in love with the phenomenom that is Editing, where behind every second you see artistical decisions made. Almost 10 years later, I gathered my courage and knowledge to start my video editor career, as a freelancer to pursue my goals. My work ethic is pretty straight. I understand time is money in business. This, flexibility and communication between us are my main narratives when it comes to work, which means that my arms are wide open 24/7 for you to pinpoint the things you want in your video. Sounds good, right?

Behind the scenes

What I do is transparent. I love videography and post production since highschool. One day I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job, creating benvideoediting and give it all to my passion. Editing videos, creating a beautiful harmony between music and visual footage. Paying my respects to videography. Down below you can see what I do and how I do it. If you like my vision, have a product to shoot or a travel video to edit or a gaming streamer friend of yours wants a montage of his plays, write me a message to start things roll. Pun intended.

Editing & Post Production


Lets record what you do best to showcase your business or service and attract clients. Gain growth by displaying

your passion.


You are a gamer or a traveller recording yourself but finds no time and energy to edit it? You see cool transitions, vibrating colors and cut to beat videos? 

Dont look further, You are at the right place.


Making great videos almost leads you to success. To go for the extra mile I can help you to rank your video on youtube as high as possible by making it SEO friendly.


Dániel Kovács

IFBB Athlete

Seeing how artistically can Ben display my workout and how He pours His heart in every second of His videos made a deep impression. Thats what I call dedication.

Lilla Ronga

SpiritNails GmbH.

Bence is a really passionate and talented videographer and editor. He puts his heart into all of his work which always shows on the quality. He pays attention to the client's needs and is able to deliver exactly what is requested plus a little more. Thanks to his enthusiasm there is always an extra spark in his works, therefore something exceptional can be expected from him each time. A really rare gem!

Attila Rádi

Alma Pharmacy Gömb

It was an honour working with Ben. His technical knowledge and flexibility are not to notice. He performed every request in an instant and he made the final product very engaging, satisfying our needs. I can only recommend Him if one wants to work with a flexible and professionally savvy expert.

Johannes Voelkner


Ben really put himself hard out there during the cruise. I remember saying him try to enjoy the journey as well besides walking up and down 24/7 with his camera. Fortunately the final product delivered way more than we originally anticipated from a VLOG.  He is a down to earth videoexpert.


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