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Benvideoediting Rendered alive.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

We are officially up and running ladies and gentlemen! Now I am finally able to terrorize and shock people with my writing skills. On a second note, benvideoediting will be my sanctuary where you can read Reviews and Thoughts about cinematographer equipments. Where you are able to quickly find tutorials using the hashtag and category system this webpage provides. Benvideoediting Rendered alive.

One captured moment that I don't spend in front of my computer.

What to expect?

Benvideoediting will not be a place filled with topicless (I hope that's a word) internet-cemetary-1000th-blog page. I created this webpage for future clients where I can showcase my work, my life, my drives. But showcasing my work should not be enough to fill an entire webpage, isn't it?

That is why I want this page to be an oasis for video editors or better yet, future video editors who want to learn about softwares, tricks, struggles, how to get started and these sort of things. I will also speak about freelancing, more accurately on how to be a freelancer and my personal thoughts on that as I am too in my first year.

I want to become your final push so that you can start do what you really want to do in your life. If that is video editing, then we are on the same page (hope you caught that).

So ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and enjoy the ride as I intend to make this page your home too.


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