• Ben Meszaros

It’s official!

I am yet to believe it, but I can proudly announce that I will attend on NomadCruise 9 by nomadcruise.com as a videographer. I mean holy hell, I can call myself lucky for being able to do my passion as profession already, but this is an another level of miracle. This is a journey of 13 days on the ocean capturing life changing moments created by the organisers and volunteers who pours their heart into it so that they can make it a lifelasting memory.

I have to say this is huge for me, responsibility, opportunity, everythinginity. . I will try not to crack under the pressure and make an entertaining Vlog about the journey and in the meantime I will just go with the flow whatever it brings, I mean me and my camera.

AlthoughI was playing with the thought of going on it as a participant, but I did not find myself ready mentally for getting to know that many people in all of a sudden, I struggle in that a lot. I am keen on seeing what this journey holds and more importantly for the challenges it may presents. Because the key to grow is challenging yourself. Fingers crossed, we are about the cross the Atlantic!

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