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Adventure of a Lifetime! Nomad Cruise 9!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Altough I had hard time believing that I will be ever wake up on time to have breakfast, it wasnt only the urge to keep up with the schedule that made me wake up in the mornings. It was the fulfilling tiredness that knocked me over at the end of each day. Let’s just say, Nomad Cruise has a LOT to offer, and its not only the cruise. It is a lot to process, the spectacular places we have been to, the never ending sight of the ocean around us, the workshops, the talks, the people. As I was a videographer on board recording a VLOG it was tricky sometimes to decide whether to be a participant or should I just record whats happening around me. I decided rather to record as much as I can so it was interesting to see how 300 nomads started to form a group, a team, a rather big family day after day. The ship had its every ability to serve those who wanted to be alone in a pub, run miles around the ship or even meditate somewhere was possible.

Like I said in my previous entry, I was a little afraid of this whole thing as a participant as it was so long I had to dissolve, connect, interact with people. I was so deeply in my comfort zone, I was so rusty communication, openness wise which made me being shy and afraid to talk to others. But as a blessing for me, the workshops, the dinners helped me so much to be brave and be open again. I feel like altough I could have done better, for the first time I ever have been to a HUGE networking event/cruise/journey such as this, it helped me a lot to open myself and I made progress. Altough we have been to beautiful places (hell even the Atlantic in itself is beautiful) I can only be even more grateful for the chance to get to know the people I know now from Nomad Cruise. Because travelling across the Atlantic while learning a lot about business, yourself, others is a miracle, but finding yourself in others and make them smile is heaven.

This is what Nomad Cruise can offer, besides unlimited drinks, food and a tan your homies will envy. Its the people, the knowledge and the possibility to be better as a human being. Friendships that will last waaaay longer than the cruise itself, because the cruise is just the beginning. Embarking in Recife, Brazil was just a means to an end so that we could gather later on in Porto de Galinhas, a gem of Brazil. Even there, many nomads attended to meetups, did play football and so forth. Creating bonds and getting to know each other even better.

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